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Winter cleaning

There are some interesting new products on the market. One we are testing a Byotrol. It is to early for us to indorse, but you might want to Google it and give it a read. Last year our tests were great. This year we have expanded them. Play on.

Winter cleaning

Just a reminder to all – keep your tennis courts blown off in the winter. The extra time taken during the winter months will definitely be reflected in how much work will be necessary in the spring. If you want to take an extra step, rinse the court with a bleach solution – four parts water – one part bleach. Spread the solution over the court, broom the dirtier areas, and then rinse it off. Play on!!!

2013 Season coming to a close

Another great year for the tennis industry. We are excited to see that tennis play is on the rise. The new introduction of short tennis lines for the youth is creating a new generation that will surely enjoy the sport as we have and are.
The best time to plan for next year resurfacing is now, when the selection of early dates are available. If we can provide quotes for your upcoming project, feel free to call for free consults and quotes. Thanks Don

Mid summer – golly the weather has been great.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the best summer in years. We have surfaced and resurfaced some wonderful projects, most likely there are new courts to view in your area. Give us a call and we will provide locations. Stop by the U of W and see the new purple and green at the IMA building and Upper Campus. Harbor Square Athletic Club’s outdoors are now US Open colors as will soon be the indoors, and Columbia Athletic Club has and is doing same. Tennis is most definitely on the upswing, now if we can just get some great players from the US to really stir the local interest. Have fun all, when you are ready for surfacing, we will be able to provide you with the best materials and service we believe you will appreciate. thanks Don