We specialize in the custom design, construction, resurfacing and maintenance of tennis courts. We can incorporate a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit your property and your style.
Below is a partial list of the many tennis courts and other multi-purpose courts we have constructed or resurfaced during our 49 years in business.

Courts at colleges and universities:

* University of Washington
* Seattle University
* Pacific Lutheran University
* Seattle Pacific University
* Seattle Community College
* Northwest Bible College

* Hawaii Pacific University
* Western Washington University
* University of Oregon
* Portland State
* Skagit Valley College

Courts at Tennis Clubs:

* Seattle Tennis Club
* Bellevue Atheltic Club
* Central Park Tennis Club
* Mercer Island Tennis Club
* Columbia Racket Club
* Bainbridge Racket Club
* Newport Hills Racket Club
* Yakima Tennis Club*
* Orcas Island Racket Club
* TriCity Court Club
* Seattle Tennis Center
* The Racquet Club Portland
* Multnomah Athletic Club
* Oahu Tennis Club
* Waialae Country Club

* Tennis Outreach Tennis Center
* Mercerwood Shore Club
*  Newport Yacht Club
* Wingpoint Country Club
* Sand Point Country Club
*  Tacoma Lawn Tennis Club
* Harbor Square Athletic Club
* Sammanish Athletic Club
*  Wenatchee Tennis Club
* Edgebrook Club

Court Construction Work for Cities and Counties:

* Seattle Parks
* Bellevue Parks
* Lynwood Parks
* Kirkland Parks
* Portland Parks
* Yakima County Parks
* Honolulu Parks Dept
* Pierce County parks
* Redmond Parks
* Kitsap Parks

* Kent Parks
* Bellingham  Parks
* King County Parks
* Renton Parks
* Mt. Vernon Parks
* Sammanish Parks
* Evertt Parks

Courts Constructed or Resurfaced for Schools:

* Bellevue School District
* Lake Washington School District
* Mercer Island High School
* Seattle School District
* Fife High School
* Lake Stevens High School
* Charles Wright Academy
* Snohomish High School
* Mt. Tahjoma High School
* Lakes High School
* Clover Park High School
* David Douglas High School
* Ephrata High School

Federal Projects:

* McCord Air Force Base
* Fort Lewis
* Hickam Air Force Base
* Sand Point Naval Station
* Kaneohe Marine Base
* Everett Naval Station
* Pearl Harbor Naval Base

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